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Built Green® Steering Committee

Allied businesses, funders and partner organizations

The mission of Tacoma-Pierce County Built Green® is to work in partnership to create safer, healthier and more efficient homes, reduce impacts of construction and development, and improve and protect the valuable community and natural resources of Tacoma and Pierce County.

The Built Green® Steering Committee is comprised primarily of builders who have an interest in the Built Green® program, representatives from allied businesses (such as lenders, real estate professionals, suppliers), as well as major funding and partner organizations. Committee members should have a serious interest in the mission of Built Green® and the continuous improvement of the program.

Roles and Responsibilities

The committee will meet four times per year or as needed. The committee is responsible for making and implementing decisions about the ongoing operation and development of the Built Green® programs, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Discretionary Action Items point awards for specific Built Green® projects – Innovation points, etc.
  • Periodic review and update of programs – including adding or deleting Action Items, reviewing point allocations, star-rating thresholds, etc.
  • Identifying and coordinating new development needs for existing programs, and developing new programs, based on market demand and resource availability
  • Developing and implementing opportunities and activities to promote awareness of and participation in Built Green™ programs, to both industry and public audiences
  • Identifying and inviting the participation of new committee members.

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